To watch a video of our PSAs, please click here.
The Youth Ecology Program is an innovative workshop that provides kids in Whatcom County the opportunity to write, direct and star in their own educational television Public Service Announcements (PSAs). These television PSAs support pollution-free, renewable energy sources that do not cause climate change. The Youth Ecology Program furnishes our youth with a powerful voice, enabling them to become green power advocates on a large scale.
You may have seen our kids’ renewable energy PSAs on local television stations such as KVOS TV, KING 5, KIRO 7 and others. These PSAs have a youthful, homespun sincerity that is uniquely captivating and very refreshing in contrast to mainstream TV commercials. Even the animated cartoons featured in these are superbly hand drawn with just crayons.
Television networks have donated millions of dollars of commercial airtime to the Youth Ecology Program. The U.S. Department of Energy, the Boys & Girls Clubs, and several public schools have collaborated with the Youth Ecology Program as well.
We recognize the great need for our country to become energy self-sufficient. We also recognize the critical need to reduce fossil fuel consumption that is causing climate change. Our program involves kids in Whatcom County in the creation of a unique series of television PSAs that promote safe, alternative energies such as solar, wind and geothermal energy, and also hydrogen and vegetable oil fuels.
The television PSAs our kids create are cutting-edge in that they are the very first of their kind to be seen on television. These groundbreaking, 30-second segments not only highlight the benefits of renewable energies, but also integrate toll-free numbers and websites for viewers to contact for more detailed information.
Renewable energy is the way of the future and our children are the future. They are the ones who will build upon, as well as reap the harvest of, our actions. Kids are a large percentage of the general public and they are a critical gateway for messages about new technologies. The Youth Ecology Program understands that kids are the proactive agents of change, and as a global community, we are on the cusp of the largest social and environmental change in recorded history.
Our renewable energy PSAs receive generous amounts of television airplay because they convey distinctive subject matters presented by kids. What’s more, viewers appreciate the positive messages. Our energy PSAs offer a vision of a promising future and emphasize what the next generation can do. They captivate people’s interest while helping to shape their attitudes and opinions.
An increasing number of people are seeking information about and alternatives to fossil fuel consumption. Prompted by release of current scientific data, they are concerned about the environmental degradation caused by fossil fuels. They are apprehensive about dependence on the volatile Middle East for oil, and worried about the economic consequences of imported energy.
The era for educational television PSAs about green power is upon us. As we move toward the inevitable need to increase renewable energy consumption, consumer education is vital. Since the social challenge of meshing new ideas with well-established beliefs and practices is complex, renewable energy education on a mass scale needs to begin now.
Although some mass media education is beginning, there is little being done by, and directed toward, the next generation. Through a series of television PSAs, the Youth Ecology Program is stepping out with a positive, bright-future message written to stimulate interest in pollution-free, renewable energy sources.
Today, we are the leading organization producing and televising renewable energy PSAs that are written and directed by youth. We are seeking more saturated exposure across the United States, and anticipate reaching over 100 million television viewers with these important, educational and relevant messages. We are also seeking monetary support to finance the promotion and distribution of our PSAs to television networks across the United States. If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to Environmental Media Northwest and our Youth Ecology Program, please click here.
To watch a video of our PSAs, please click here.